Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Console Wars: A New Generation

A new and exiting generation of consoles is just around the corner. Armed with brand-new equipment, gaming developers will be going no holds barred to take full advantage of the next-gen hardware. Let's take at what a few of the gaming super powers have in store for us as we move into the next era. 

Sony has been a strong player in the gaming market for ages, but has always been in the shadow of Microsoft. However, during E3 this year, Sony may be able to come out in front with the Playstation 4. With many aspects of the console greatly improving the ease-of-use and the overall performance. The only downside is that players will be required to pay a sum of 50$ USD per for multiplayer privileges. But, and don't quote me on this, if sales do increase a sufficient amount, this may convince Sony to revoke said fine.

Nintendo is an interesting subject... You have to give them credit for headlining the classic gaming industry; but in the end, the loyal Nintendo fans have to wake up and smell the coffee. The time for Super Mario has come to an end. I mean, what the hell! The graphic are only slightly less shitty than than the day it came out! The only thing that keeps Nintendo afloat today is a vintage feel and pity. The WiiU is just a disgrace to the rest of the contenders the the console race

Microsoft has been a recognized super power for a long time. Even if you can destroy a game by solely touching the thing. Never the less, it's still the most popular system. However, at E3, Microsoft dug itself a deep hole with limitations for used and shared games, and even limitations for games that are from a disc. Sony even capitalized on these mistakes and make mockery of the brand. All things considered, there is no doubt that Microsoft will lose a sizable volume of Gamers to Sony. To add insult to injury, the opening price of the Xbox One will be 100$ USD more than the Playstation 4.

Choose your new hardware wisely gamers!